US Treasury Secy. Henry Morgenthau Jr. and British economist John Maynard Keynes conferring during international monetary conference to plan for postwar reconstruction. Location:Bretton Woods, NH, US
Date taken: July 1944 Photographer: Alfred Eisenstaedt. Source: Life Magazine photographs on Google.

Secretary of the Treasury, George M. Humphrey, sitting in his office. Location:Washington, DC, US Date taken: March 1954. Photographer: Mark Kauffman.

US Secy. of Treasury Lyman Gage sitting behind his desk as unident. sits across from him in office. Location:Washington, DC, US. Date taken:July 02, 1898. Source: Life Magazine Photographs.

Pres. Richard Nixon (L) and Secy. of Treasury John Connally (R). Date taken: April 1971. Photographer: Stan Wayman. Source: Life Magazine Photographs on Google.