Interested in the transition? Fortunately you’re not alone. Here are a few of the many online transition resources:

John Kamensky’s IBM Center blog on The Presidential Transition offers some great insights. Kamensky points out several transition blogs:

Newsweek: Powering Up

Government Executive: Lost in Transition

The Washington Post: 44: Transition to Power

SourceWatch: Presidential Transition Resources (a wiki)

AU’s School of Communication: Transition Tracker (what a banner!)

Intute points to a handful of links, including:

The White House Transition Project

Council for Excellence in Government: Transition Resources

C-SPAN: Presidential Transition

PBS NewsHour: Obama’s Transition to Power

Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies

Presidential Transition Resources – A website maintained by the General Services Administration (GSA) the National Archives (NARA)

Several podcasts offer interesting and entertaining commentary: Political Points Post Politics Podcast

New Yorker: Comment