The president-elect is finally taking a break and with his departure this weekend the deluge  of nominees concluded following a Friday afternoon press conference announcing nominees for Labor, Transportation and U.S. trade representative; a Saturday morning web video announcing the science and technology team; and Vice-President-Elect Biden’s Sunday morning chat show announcement that he will serve as a sort of ambassador to the middle-class. Last week the Obama transition became the first of recent presidential transitions to announce its full complement of cabinet nominees seven weeks after election day. The Washington Post has a nice graphic depicting this comparison – the Times profiles of the nominees here. With Obama on vacation at last, the news will certainly slow but all signs suggest the pace will quicken in coming weeks. In less than two months Obama’s efficient, disciplined campaign has been replaced by an apparently no less efficient and disciplined transition to power. On NPR this morning, former Clinton White House staffer Elaine Karmack called the pace “un-Clinton-like.”

“Deluge” Leonardo da Vinci